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Equipment Name 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine
Maker Mitutoyo
Model CRYSTA-Apex  S 7106
Specification 700mm(X-axis) / 1000mm(Y-axis) / 600mm(Z-axis)
Accuracy 0.0001mm(0.1㎛)
Equipment Name Surface Roughness Tester
Maker Mitutoyo
Model SJ-410
Specification Straightness: 0.5㎛ / Traverse Length: 50mm
Accuracy 0.01㎛
Equipment Name Object Profile Projector
Maker Mitutoyo
Model PH-3515F
Specification 600mm
Accuracy 0.001mm
Equipment Name Linear Height Gau
Maker Mitutoyo
Model LH-600CG
Specification 600mm
Accuracy 0.001mm
Equipment Name He Leak Detector
Maker Adixen
Model ASM142D
Specification 1.0 x 10-11 mbar l/s
Accuracy 0.1 x 10-1 mbar l/s
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