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  AK Tech Vacuum Valve, Sub Assembly and vacuum sealing solution for Semiconductor fab  
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Rendulum Gate Valve

** Application

- Sputter Deposition
- Plasma Etch
- Other application that require pressure controller

** Features

- Compact
- Low vibration operation
- Easy and fast maintenance
- Pneumatic actuator
- Actuator Up/Down install possibility

** Options

- Custom sizes available
- Various o-ring compounds (Kalrez®,Chemraz®, etc.)
Products Info


SIZE : ISO-400, 500
Dimensions Approximate



Pressure range 1 X10-7mbar.l/s
Leak rate : body, seat <1 X 10-9mbar.l/s
Differentialpressure on the gate ≤ 1.2 bar in either direction
Material Valvebody, bonnet seal, blade SS304, AL6061
Weldedbellows SS304, AL6061
Valveactuator SS304, AL6061
SealMaterials VITON (option KALREZ,ETC)
Temperature Valvebody 120°C
Valveactuator 80°C
Operation Double acting
Cycleuntil first service ≥ 100.000
Positionsensor (open/close) - Reed switch Micro switch (SMC: D-A93)
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